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Johnathan DeLuca [ @ectoBIOLOGLST ]
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Johnathan DeLuca [ @ectoBIOLOGLST ]

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A little bit about the project...

I'm from a time where voice acting was a huge part of the Homestuck fandom and community. People on Tumblr, YouTube, and other social media sites had so many different dubs of fancomics, fan podcasts, fanfiction, and even Homestuck itself. This made the fandom pretty accessible, and even made the fandom more of a community. The voice acting and sharing of vocal headcanons was something really fun, and something that helped me realize my love for not only acting, but projects in general. Bringing people together and helping them make new friends and a stronger fan community is something so beautiful to me.

As an adult, I've started to lose energy quickly. Being autistic and working a full time job is hard, and makes enjoying my interests after a long day even more difficult. I'll usually draw while I play a video in the background, because reading for a long time is hard. This made me think--what if I could enjoy the Friendsim routes...but with sound? So I wouldn't have to read, and drain even more of what little energy I had? I then remembered my old friends who were visually impaired and who now can't enjoy Friendsim if they please. That's where my quest to bring a fully dubbed and accessible version of Friendsim began.

Now, over a month and several hundred auditions later, we have a beautifully and fully cast team of actors from all over the world, and with all kinds of backgrounds.

Let's live in a world where fandom is not only accessible, but a beautiful and accessible community.


This dub is a non-for profit fan project. I, Johnathan DeLuca, am not associated with What Pumpkin studios, nor do I own Hiveswap : Friendsim. Homestuck and Hiveswap: Friendsim are the intellectual property of the writers and WhatPumpkin studios. I just wanna let people enjoy this cool game.

Name: Liquid and/or Feffy
Age: 22
Twitter handle: @fefsprites
Pronouns: He/She/It
Why do you love who you voice?: He's just a weirdo dork! What's there NOT to love!? Vikare is, without a doubt, one of my favs ❤️
Random fact: I have five entire cats!!!!
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Name: Raunchy Raven
Age: 24
Twitter handle: RaunchyRavenRmx
Pronouns: he/him
Why do you love who you voice?: honestly, I just like voice acting
Random fact about you: I draw all kinds of stuff that Dave's bro would have on his site (NSFW stuff)

Name: Calum Traveler
Age: 24
Twitter: @CalumTraveler
Pronouns: He/Him
No Paypal/Kofi as of right now.
Why Do I love who I voice:
Tegiri is a dork who loves his Anime, and he may lean into the whole Justice thing a bit hard, but he's got a good heart, even if societal pressures are forcing him to seriously think about how he wants to truly live his life.

Name: Jackie “Jax” M.

Age: 28

Twitter handle: SADragonTweets

Pronouns: they/them or she/her

Why do you love who you voice?: Tyzias is one of the most relatable characters. Overworked, tired of everything, but still fighting for social change in the small ways she’s able to, even knowing her generation won’t reap the benefits.

Random fact about you: I have two tattoos, a pumpkin and a TARDIS, and I want to get approximately a thousand more.

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Name: Anna
Age: 21
Twitter: @aCmusic27
Pronouns: she/her
Why I love who I voice: Bronya's route was the first one where we got a real taste of rebellion. Sure, we had gotten characters displeased with the state of Alternia but Bronya was the first character to really do something to try to better the world, albeit in a very subtle, not technically illegal way.
Random fact: I'm writing and directing a musical inspired by Homestuck this spring. It will make you cry.
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Name: Maddie
Age: 17, going on 18
Twitter handle: @jmienumon
Pronouns: She/Her
Why do you love who you voice?: Stelsa is quite honestly an extension of me on a good day; loud, talks to fast, a woman of business.
Random fact about you: I got this part because my lovely girlfriend told me to audition.


Name: Lauren
Age: 15
Twitter handle: main is Kirumimi, art is FluffChips
Pronouns: she/her
Why do you love who you voice?
Daraya’s route really struck a cord with me, being young and feeling hopeless in a world that isn’t the greatest, and not knowing what to do with yourself. Her character means a lot to me and I’m really excited to be voicing her!
Random fact about you: I make cosplay in my free time!
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Name: Uber The Man
Age: 20
Twitter handle: @rudfkr0316
Pronouns: they/them
Why do you love who you voice?: i feel like there are lot to explore as diemen expression wise. Its that kind of voice that I havent much explored enough. i hope this project can help me with voicing various character in the future!
Random fact about you: hey! my name is uber, i live in korea, and i like to draw, make covers, translate, and just creating stuffs in general! i love watching SF movies and tv shows and like talking about them.
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Name: Davis B
Age: 17
Twitter handle: @mallekcore
Pronouns: He/Him
Why do you love who you voice? He's cool! I love Mallek's character and how he breaks away from the hostility of being a cerulean
Random fact about you: uhhh... I'm an epic trans guy and I've been about 2 years on testoterone
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Name: Ace Corsaira
Age: 17
Twitter handle: @luckynumber613
Pronouns: she/her
Why do you love who you voice?: I was high-key into WWE for a while, because my dad watched it as a kid and he wanted to share how fucking ridiculous it was with me and my siblings. Playing Nihkee's route made me remember watching old matches with my family and commentating on the match as wildly as humanly possible. Also, Nihkee's smile in the good ending is just so wholesome and beautiful <3
Random fact about you: I really, really like snakes! I'd like to own a few ball pythons as soon as I'm able, they're so gorgeous ^^
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Name: Ciro
Age: 20
Twitter handle: spruiko
Pronouns: he/him
Why do you love who you voice? Folykl is a little rodent, but the writing for her route is fantastic and she's so different. Voidrot gold blood representation!
Random fact about you: I'm addicted to artistic things. I love drawing, writing, acting, singing, and making music.
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Name: Phil Gibson
Age: 38
Twitter Handle: @PiousKnob
Pronouns: he/him
Why? cos hes a filthy nerd
Random Fact: never not sleepy
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Name: Cro
Age: 21
Twitter handle: cullj0y
Pronouns: she/her (primarily)
Why do you love who you voice?: She stabbed a violetblood dead why wouldn't I love her.
Random fact about you: I'm that one dancestor stan that wont shut up about tertiary characters. You know the one.
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Name: Rhys
Age: 26
Twitter handle: @raptor_redeem
Pronouns: he/him
Why do you love who you voice? Where do I begin? Aside from the obvious reason of Skylla's role as a strong, rustic female character who could probably incapacitate me just by looking at me the right way, there are so many little details in her route that give me warm and fuzzy Southern boy feelings. Being raised in the South as a queer transman hasn't always been the best, but I feel like Skylla represents a lot of the Southern attitudes I still love--a good ol' down-home lifestyle, warm food and warmer hospitality, self-reliance, and a whole lot of pluck.
Random fact about you: I once broke my nose doing the Naruto run. I have no regrets.
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Name: Abby Lovelace
Age: 18
Twitter handle: @spacearbys
Pronouns: she/her
Why do you love who you voice? I love Chixie because she’s very: nice, relatable, and pretty badass when it comes down to it!
Random fact about you: Alongside Homestuck, I am also a huge Roosterteeth and McElroy fan.
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Name: Sal W.
Age: 19
Twitter handle: @_leaflens
Pronouns: they/them ey/em
Why do you love who you voice? i think its so fun to bring a character to life! bjt i also really love talking ☆
Random fact about you: despite my lack of an accent, ive lived in australia for most of my life....
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Name: sam!
Age: 19 turning 20 march 2nd!
Twitter handle: vampysprite
Pronouns: he/him only!
Why do you love who you voice?
i love charun a lot because i can relate to them a lot about being a funky garbage artist
Random fact about you: i love vampires
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Name: Ryan
Age: 14
Pronouns: They/He
Twitter Handle: @LittlestKing_
Why do you love who you voice?: I mainly auditioned for the soleil twin because 1. I enjoy voices that sound crazy to some extent as well as children or young trolls that my voice can actually reach without messing up eheh.

Name: Johnathan DeLuca
Age: 21
Pronouns: He/him
Twitter Handle: @ectoBIOLOGLST
Why do you love who you voice?: Lanque is extremely relatable to me, as a trans man and someone who's had to deal with my own toxic behaviors. Becoming the person that I am took a long time, and I'm sure Lanque has faced a lot of the same problems as I have.
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Name: bosa or leg (short for legfish)
Age: 24
Twitter handle: @promstuck
Pronouns: he/him or she/her
Why do you love who you voice? i love doing the silly voice!
Random fact about you: i really like sewing
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